Such Pretty Faces

A Space to Relate and Create

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca is a modern day Rosie the Riveter, a career professional, and a voracious reader.  She is a self proclaimed Three Michelin Star Home Chef, who knows enough about every craft type to be dangerous and enough about 50% of those craft types to be useful. She believes that red lipstick is her own personal good luck talisman and is on a personal mission to collect every cool vintage scarf left on the planet. She drinks whiskey on the rocks when she drinks but is more reliably found with a cup of hot tea. While she loves to plan a party, she hates to actually stay for them. Introverts unite, at home, alone.

Meet Amelia

Amelia is THE life of the party. She’s loud, but has the weird Southern trait of not being able to say ‘no’. She does her hair every damn day and wears pink lipstick and matching pajamas to bed. Amelia is a balloon artist and can make the Cricut sing like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. She’s got a cross wall that she has collected from her World travels and, really, prefers every surface covered in gold leaf. Amelia’s favorite food is Diet Coke and her Grandmother’s coconut pie. She is often found with a glass of wine that she has run through the blender with fruit and sugar, and she has a flat obsession for Arkansas football and a peculiar interest in Kenny Chesney.

Meet #KatieCan

#KatieCan is equal parts wise and wise ass. One might say she is a 10/10 on the sarcasm scale, but she’s also got so much more to her. She has a truly beautiful ability to be able to drop knowledge on you and make you burst into shining laughter that will change the composition of your soul with a single line. She is an excellent boundaries coach and also has one of those smiles you will never forget. Katie is the kind of friend who cares that you make it to yoga and inspires you to take on that self care project that has been on the back burner for too long. She’s the kind of friend everyone needs, and once you have her you won’t know what you ever did without her.

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