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For anyone who grew up on a steady diet of N*Sync and Dawson’s Creek, May first is likely known most commonly for the steady stream of JT memes where in JT so famously says ‘It’s gonna be May‘, but…. please don’t tell the rest of my generation, I never really was *that* wild over the joke or the JT.

Courtesy of the internet

It’s not that I have an intense dislike for N*Sync or JT- my gosh, my oldest child spent 18 months rocking out to Bye Bye Bye, but I’ve also been just in general oppositional to whatever is most en vogue, and consequently spent the entirety of my formative teen years listening to Lesbian Rock. Turns out some things never change….

BUT GOOD NEWS: Things do change some, because I’ve found a new thing to geek out over here as we approach May!

May Day!

Traditionally, on May 1, you sneak up and leave a basket of goodies on neighbors, loved ones, and lover’s porches…. And as tradition goes, If they catch you they kiss you. It’s a fun way to welcome spring and say hello to those you love. I’ve been working on some easy little ideas of things to celebrate with. Make sure you’re following us on socials, where I am most active for all of the ideas.

But in the meantime, here are a couple of free printable to get you started!

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