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Back before I had children to contend with, I had a blue velvet couch. My blue velvet couch was honestly so glorious, it wore well, it cleaned well, and it was the most comfortable sofa on the planet.

Also, my husband hated it. It never really fit the living room of our old sofa, and eventually he convinced me to put my precious sofa up for adoption.

I’ve pretty much wanted the old gal back ever since, and as such when our interim sofa died, I decided I wanted a blue velvet sofa again. We worked with Carla Bethany Haden on the design of this living room, and I honestly loved the experience. I really feel like she does color well, but she also listens and provides an eye for design within your personal taste. Her services are E Design, so she gives you a shopping formulary that is selected with your budget in mind, and her prices are EXTREMELY Reasonable.

Because Covid and the big shipping vessel got stuck in the Suez Canal, many of the items she helped select had CRAZY BANANAS shipping times, so we used her vision and found things with slower times. This is not typical. We are living in undefined times.

This sofa is the Sloane from Interior Define, and aside from hellaceous shipping, I’m happy with the way it turned out.

We selected this ottoman from Article

The C Table is World Market

I called an audible and used York Wall Covering Grass Cloth that I scored for CHEAP in the built ins. I love this look, it really added warmth to the wall and I couldn’t be happier.

Pillows came from Anthropologies Sale Room,which have been chewed on by my child’s demon dog (Pro Tip, If your child asks for a dog for Christmas, the answer is NO)

I sourced the wood and wicker tray from the collection of Timothy Gette, which is the location of all of my favorite Tchotchkies. (my favorite place to shop)

Curtains are West Elm, Wasabi color

And the carpet, a total find, can be found right here

Tell me about your living room, are you a color lover? Tune in next week when I go in depth about how I hate blinds. It’ll be fun, I promise.

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