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October is heeeeeeeeere and I couldn’t be more excited. I really love Halloween, and I really love witchy things, and I really love Harry Potter, and Practical Magic, and Hocus Pocus…. All of which are honestly just better in the month of October

And what I love the VERY MOST: elaborate spooky dinner parties. Which are really exclusively an October thing.

Before I go on let me tell you about my friend Jennifer Nunn, she and I met at work and she had long wild curly red hair and a huge bright smile she is passionate and welcoming and just DE – LIGHT – FUL.

She is also extremely creative. Her creative genius is really just unbelievable. In my mind, in another life, she should honestly be a Broadway set designer because just LOOK at this amazing Halloween witches dinner she put together!

My only regret is that we aren’t neighbors because I would have absolutely crashed it if I weren’t invited.

The details: I cannot get over the details. spiderweb soup? SO CUTE.

Smoking cocktails? OF COURSE. (Dry ice, y’all. I don’t care how old I get it will never get old)

Lots of crows and bats which she sourced from the dollar store and craft stores

Red light bulbs because SPOOKY.

On each plate, along with the guest’s witch or wizard name, was a glass vial filled with an herbal tea specially created for each individual person.

Along with a ton of candles at varying heights, she also made these spooky books to add to the table scape and because they’re so much fun. JN pro tip: if you want your books to have that skin look, use 1ply of a paper towel, mod podge it, and VIOLA!

The letters on the books came from the craft store. These were so so so much fun to make. I made my own recently and I had the best time. Use your imagination and go wild.

I just love every detail. . .

So, whose in to crash Jennifer’s next party with me? I basically know where she lives.


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