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….My kids will eat it.

Behold, I introduce you to Harry Potter Pumpkin soup, or for those of you unimpressed by fancy names, Pumpkin Curry Soup.


For those of you not in the ‘know’, I like to make pots of soup every Sunday (weather be damned, it’s fall).

My kids are 99% likely to eat smooth soups and about 2% likely to eat chunky soups, so we do a lot of smooth soups.

Also, on these Sunday’s I like to make elaborate desserts so I prefer my soups to be veggie forward because #Balance


This is a good easy soup recipe that is vegan, veggie forward, kid friendly, healthful, flavorful, and just all around a really good idea.

I hope you make it. I hope you love it. And I hope you tag us in your soup adventures!

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