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Last week, we talked about finances and a 7 day buy nothing challenge, this week, you should be nearing or have just completed the challenge and… YAY! You did it.

I did it too. I’ve done it before, and sometimes I take on specific pain points in my budget and do a spin off (Hello, 30 days no eating out, 14 days no Target or Amazon purchases).

Below, a list of my key findings:

  • I am always astounded with how much marketing we are inundated with. It’s a lot.
  • Mixed messages abound: Don’t use credit cards! But you really want this! You deserve to hashtag treat yourself. Have some damn discipline.
  • The less time I spend in front of screens, the less things I ‘want’.
  • Right now, there’s a lot of messaging about how we won’t be able to get what we need for the impending holiday season, and it’s creating a scarcity mentality for me, maybe for everyone? We should explore that.
  • If I had bought everything I “wanted”, it would have cost $2484. Is that astounding to anyone besides me?

How did you do? Talk to me about financial literacy, what do you think you do well and not well?

For me, these small challenges are always eye opening, and they’re the motivator to true change. Stay tuned for more discussions!

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