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Time for a time hop, shall we travel back to the early 90’s together?

I’m a dollhouse fangirl, and I can recall the exact moment that it all took place. My childhood best friend’s dad was a very skilled artisanal level tiny house maker.

I’m not sure if he knew this before he took on the making of a grand dollhouse, but we all quickly learned that the man had unbelievable skills and he made a dollhouse that is truly art.

I was aging out of being willing to play with a dollhouse, but I would look at that Grande Dame and dream of having one of my own, or better yet, making one of my own.

Then of course, there was Phoebe’s dollhouse on Friends. I was obsessed, it was fab. I wanted it badly. Why didn’t I have one?

I think well into my teen years, I asked for a dollhouse for Christmas every single year.

I ended up being the caretaker of that Grande Dame dollhouse from my childhood, she needs some work and someday we’ll get all into that right here. BUT TODAY, we’re talking about my daughters dollhouse, which is the Magnolia Home one from target. It’s sturdy and hearty and meant for kid play.

And since it’s been sitting around here in it’s natural state for 9 months, I decided it needed a little Zhuzh-ing.

She’s cute on her own, so I decided that we would do this in temporary fashion as follows:

  • Scrapbook paper
  • double stick tape
  • Halloween stickers repurposed as ‘Art’
  • halloween fabric scraps
  • New Dollar Tree wood furniture

It was fun and easy, the kids got involved, and I highly recommend this. It also seems to have added a renewed interest in an old toy all for about $8. I think I’ll be doing it for every holiday!


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