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I’m a freak, and even though I own a Cricut, I prefer to use scissors and my hand. YALL. I love party signs, don’t you?

They’re sooooooo CUTE! This one is an easy free printable for you to personalize with any manner of snark you might think of.

Or, if you don’t consider yourself snarky, you could always go with “Happy Birthday” ,,,, I mean, not everyone thinks:Aha! A perfect opportunity to publicly showcase my sarcasm.

These were made with left over from days gone by scrapbook paper, I selected colors that were complementary and traced, cut, and hole punched them. For letters, I just made sure they were around the same size.

I really love the way it turned out! Easy, cute, sassy, and…..

Pls, don’t torture me with small talk and leave before my bedtime which is 9 PM. OK?

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