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We just spent a wonderfully, relaxing and also thrill seeking week in Colorado for my birthday, and I am here to say: the high is real.  I am not referring to the one induced from the myriad of Cannabis and Mary Jane advertisements throughout our particular mountain town, but the natural high that comes with being in a higher elevation. Where deep breaths are refreshing, and you can actually walk through a cloud that is passing by if you time it just right. Our drive down the mountain on one of the days showed us peaks adorned with new snowfall, and it was majestic. I have been a mountain person as far back as I care to remember, so any time spent in that topography has always served my soul. My wife said (when planning my actual day of birth activities) “Ya know, I had some ideas, but I also knew that the mountains would do their thing.”

Mountains never disappoint.

They are strong, overwhelming and full of mystery. They are who they are, and they make no apologies for it. You can stare at them, and still never feel like you are seeing all of it. I have also been called these things on a few occasions, and 10/10 family members agree these descriptors apply to our kids as well. The unique part of this time in the mountains (for me) was getting to see how much my wife and kids enjoyed it as well. In fact, my most “home body” child, was begging us to stay in Colorado and not fly back. She wanted more time in the clean air, climbing, hiking, horseback riding and exploring the outdoors. We rode a gondola to the highest peak and then played JENGA and corn hole on top of the mountain (of course I won, how dare you even ask). The kids did zip lines and ropes courses, and we watched as they taught other, looked out for each other and built up their self-confidence. Everyone came away from this trip with a connection to nature, a stronger belief in their worthiness and ability, and a desire to spend more time together in the mountains.

Those experiences and the promise they bring, is my definition of Rocky Mountain High. If you have never been, now is the time. You may not even know you need it, but once it fills you up, you’ll never forget it.

You deserve the high.

 Go get it.

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