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My kids playroom had come to a point where they were unwilling to play in it. We had a crazy room migration where in my office moved upstairs, and when I did that, it means I have to *gulp* walk through their mess to get to work every morning.

It had come to pass that every time I walked up there I’d say to myself “I need to clean this mess up”.

And THE PANTRY…. The Pantry has historically just required a complete gut and reorganization whenever one of the adults just cannot handle it anymore. It goes from Bad to Meh and then we do it all over again after our kids and dogs have taken it to a place of disasterous Mayhem.

The Biggest Problems in the Playroom and the Kitchen:

The things my kids loved the most, playing and eating, were not easily accessible and it was just without order.

Now, Y’all, I’m type B. I really am,and I have little shame with how much it takes me to get rattled. My own spaces are organized, but not hyper organized, and as long as no hands get involved, it’s maintained enough to be useful.

I also find little to no satisfaction in photos of what professional organizers do, because their brain isn’t wired by mine so it just ends up looking like unnecessary work. Who Can Relate?

Keys to Successful Organization for those of us who aren’t actually into it:

  • Dump everything out, make a keep, donate, and toss pile
  • Remove the donate and toss piles before proceeding
  • Thinking about pain points, invest in storage to solve those issues. (Costumes, Kid Snacks, I’m looking at you)
  • Don’t find yourself in the weeds because you don’t have a picture perfect space, look for what is efficient to you and your life instead.

Here are my key purchases for these two spaces:

Talk to me, my fellow Type B’s….. What are your hacks to making space livable?

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