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It’s a party in Naples!!!! My best friend turned 30 in July. It was epic and wonderful and everything amazing. She planned her party herself, because why not? She knew what she wanted and didn’t want people to put in the guess work of what she actually didn’t want. After all, we are 30. It’s about time we claim and take what we want our birthdays to look like!

Annaliese planning her own party was brilliant and her party was quite brilliant. Theme: Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving with a pink and gold color scheme. She reserved her parent’s vacation home in Naples for a week and invited 30 friends to fly down for her 30th. How fun is that?! Her guests picked days they could take off work and flew in. I was part of the first group that flew in.

Annaliese is fun, cute as heck, and she always shows up. In fact, if we all had a little button on our back to give a digital ‘about me’ projection page, Annaliese’s would say, ‘the girl that shows up.’ She’s your party friend, your crisis friend, your ‘you don’t have to be alone friend’, your ‘what can I do friend’. She’s the friend that puts other friends to shame. So, it was fun to see people from every stage of Annaliese’s life fly to Naples and show up for her.

I was tasked with putting up balloons that she ordered on Amazon before the round two crew made it to Naples. Her balloons were cute and affordable. All I needed was my personalized can cooler with my Truly, and assembly was a go! Click her if you would like the same set.

We had our own personalized can cooler that we made ourselves. These cups were an Annaliese special. She purchased can coolers of various colors and made die cuts of everyone’s name.

The pictures below show the set up of the balloons. Once again, I used twisty (animal) balloons to tie the bundles together and the command hooks for easy set up.

Keep following SPF for more party hacks and balloons! Also, if you would like to show Annalise some love, like and share her personal business page! She is the creator of Sparkle Box, an educational learning box for toddlers and preschool aged children.

One thought on “Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving…. A Party in Naples!

  1. kim says:

    What a great little tribute to our girl💗 thanks for sharing your love


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