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I’m very fond of all witches, but especially Hocus Pocus Witches and Harry Potter Witches.

I’m a blithering fool over both.

Also, I’m a blithering fool over DIY door hangers.

Cue something that makes me entirely too happy: HOCUS POCUS DOOR HANGERS!

Read through for your free hair stencil to make this very door hanger. It’s cute, It’s easy, and it will make you happy.

I use 16″ Wood Circles and Golden Oak Stain

Because these circles are very thin, you don’t need to leave the stain on for more than about .3 seconds.

Once you let that dry, use the stencils to draw on the hair. A Word: These stencils are for 16″ circles, and if you want to downsize, you’ll likely need to cut them down.

You have lots of options for words: I Smell Children, It’s Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus, or I Put A Spell on You.

A word: if this is your first time adding letters, I suggest you do so by adding masking tape and writing on that first to get your spacing right.

Also, note that I went for a quick change on the top because my creative genius told me to.

And Voila! Easy Peasy LemonSqueezy.

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