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When fall arrives, so arrives my beloved tradition of making giant pots of soup every Sunday. This easy, (almost) vegan, healthy, veggie forward butternut squash soup is five stars, and even approved by my children.

Did I mention it’s easy?

One of the keys to this soup is to roast the veggies before you make the soup. The roasting adds a complex flavor to the soup that cannot be achieved by boiling alone.

The secret to the flavor profile is apple and ginger. It’s really delightfully simple, but perfectly delicious. I roast two apples and 1″ of ginger in a foil packet in the oven while the BNS is getting it’s roast on.

Once it’s roasty toasty, you scrape the insides of the squash out and add it all into a stock pot, add the remaining ingredients, and hit it with the beloved trusty immersion blender.

Once the soup is complete, I like to top it with a drizzle of cream, but to keep it vegan use coconut cream. Sprinkle with pepitas and if you’re feeling nutty: Add some nutmeg!

Eating your veggies has never looked so good.

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