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OMG OMG HAPPY FALL, YALL! I’ve been waiting until September 1st since last December and It’s finally hheeeeeeeeeeere! We made it.

One of the things I love about fall is…. Everything. That said, I am especially geeked out about finding a home for these velvet pumpkins that ACCIDENTALLY fell into my Amazon cart.

I don’t know about you but i’m totally one of those types of human that relates to “if you give a mouse a cookie”….. Because once those Velvet Pumpkins fell into my Amazon Cart, I decided I needed some wood chargers RIGHT UP UNTIL I saw the price tag on them.

So this mouse pivoted and decided to DIY them. I suppose I could have cut my own wood circles, but then I would have had to convince my husband to do so and then he would have insisted he needed new man toys to execute so I just skippled all of that nonsense and I bought these. They’re very thin but perfect for creating chargers out of.

Next up I acquired a half pint of golden wood stain. I wanted these to be lighter than my wood table, which is why I selected this color. Pro tip, buying this at your local hardware store instead of your local craft store will save you 50%.

To stain wood, put some gloves on, paint it on and wipe it off. The longer you leave it sitting the darker it will become. Because I was going for a color difference, I wiped it really quickly. Let those babies dry and you’re onto the next step!

Handwriting isn’t that important here, but I used my handlettering skills and I wrote some cute fall sayings on the corner of these with an oil based gold paint marker

I chose the following sayings (Because what’s better than a Pun? a Fall Pun):

  • 100% That Witch
  • Feeling Gourd
  • Hello Gourd-eous
  • Ermagourd….
  • What’s Up Witches
  • Happy Fall, Yall!

Add a black table runner and some black napkins, a few taper candles and BOOM! You’re in business! (A word on cloth napkins: This is 100% a World market Purchase, 6 for $9.99, 10% off curbside orders. BIG WIN).

And that concludes my first fall table set up clocking in at less than $50 and 100% reusable and easy to pack.

Next I plan to flip those chargers over and create a spider table! Who is so excited! Me. I am. This is about me, mostly.

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