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Let us hop into the way back machine back to the days of Rebecca BC (Before Children), where I spent my free time going to yoga classes, ensuring that my pedicures were practically perfect, and drinking cocktails.

Times, they have changed, but one thing I just can’t let go of are well adorned nails.

The case for an at home manicure can be made hundreds of ways over: The US has a long standing history of exploiting nail salon employees for one.

ADDITIONALLY: I am too cheap and have way too many projects AND am WAY too Covid Cautious to be running off to get my nails painted all the time.

Plus, Hi, Hello, I’m a DIY type of gal and that extends into my beauty routine.

I’ve been on the hunt for my next new brand of relatively clean nail polish that goes the distance, and this mom group on Facebook (and honestly my BFF) said to give Olive and June a try.

I am impressed.

This is 5 days worth of how the polish held up with no basecoat. This is pretty darn good, I think!

Without further aideu, some tips for that perfect at home manicure:

  • Get a thick body butter type of cream and, a few hours before you begin, make sure to moisturize the crap out of your hands. Special attention to the cuticles. MOISTURIZE LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT.
  • At the beginning of your mani, use a cuticle oil (I’m working on finishing my bottle of Ella and Mia at the moment and I like it. Zero complaints.
  • Now use an orange stick to beat your cuticles into submission (AKA push them back)
  • Before you paint, use a cotton ball soaked with Rubbing Alcohol to clean the nail, trying not to clean the skin (oils on skin good, oils on nail bad).
  • Paint. Use a primer and a topcoat. Get it all over your fingers if you’re still practicing. Practice makes progress and I promise we can clean this up later.
  • Once you have your nails painted, waiting for the polish to dry, go wash your hands with soap and water, if your fingers are well moisturized the excess oopsies will 95% wash off! (WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THIS BEFORE!). Any other excess oopsies that are stubborn can be cleaned with a small tip paint brush and 100% acetone
  • BOOM. Perfect Manicure.

Do you have a brand of nail polish you love? Tell me about it so I can give it a whirl!

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