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My dear friend who has been quite a prayer warrior for me over the last few months FINALLY had her ribbon cutting ceremony for her blow dry bar! Lauren Johnson owns Cherry Blow Dry Bar in Arlington, TX. This place is amazing! Blow outs, lash lifts, lash extensions, updos, cuts, laminating brows, brow waxing…. the list is long. Lauren was able to navigate opening a business during COVID, which is no small feat. She went from being a stay at home mom of three to paying for her children’s private school tuition through this business adventure. She pivoted, turned, prayed, sought wise wisdom, and grew. The ribbing cutting ceremony was ONLY a year late (thanks, COVID), but a celebration it was!

Jim Ross, the Mayor of Arlington spoke on Lauren’s success. He said something to the affect of, ‘Success isn’t measured by money or what’s in your bank account, it’s measured by people who show up for you and this family is RICH.’ I couldn’t agree more. Lauren is the type of human that breathes in family, finds a foundation in prayer, and show up for others. It was fun to see people show up for her. It was a much deserved celebration for a much deserved human.

Doesn’t Lauren look amazing, happy, and all the things?

I had to take a picture with this AMAZING back drop! We used the following supplies for this backdrop: Ruby Red balloons in 5inch, 16inch, 2ft, and 3ft, Ruby Red twisty balloons (animal balloons) to tie the bundles together, Ruby Red foil diamonds, oversized sparkly lips, LEOPARD ORBTZ (LOVE), and command hooks for the attachment to the wall. In total, we used about 700 balloons for this entire event. It was stunning and a perfect hit!

For the outside, we kept it simple because it was the background for the ribbon cutting ceremony. We wanted it to accent the ceremony, not take away from it. For this set up we only used, 16in balloons and twisty balloons for connecting the bundles. Command hooks were used to attach them to the wall. It’s important to remember to not use any kind of tape on your balloons outside if they are air filled. The balloons will shrink due to the high heat and it will sound like mini bombs going off. When one balloon pops, it will pull on another balloon, causing it to pop….. it’s a never ending sound of defeat. A beginner fail that I refuse to let you do, dear!

Look how great the Cherry Blow Dry crew looks! They have amazing talent and pour into women daily!

Foil balloons were added behind the bar area for extra fun. The cherry balloons were my favorite!

I hope you love the look and continue to see what SPF is up to!

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