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You may not know this but I have a part time job of telling my dear friend she shouldn’t buy things.

I assume that she knows that I plan to reject 88% of what she thinks she wants or needs when she asks me or she wouldn’t ask me at all.

Recently she sent me her shopping cart of a whole wad of crazy stuff (EG Concrete beside tables that were like…. $500 each). In the cart she had a very overpriced highly decorative Jenga game and a second very overpriced highly decorative checkers game. Both of them were actually adorable, but overpriced and TERRIBLE reviews.

No matter, I decided to make my own! Originally, I was going to make this for her, but I like it so much I decided to keep it.

This was SUCH A FUN little craft, achieved by using Mod Podge, a premade square box, paint, and craft paper. I even made these checkers out of clay I had lying around.

I did a little research, and realized that a checker board has 64 squares, math’ed it and got to cutting. Once I had my squares, I got to painting. Mod Podge Mod Podge Mod Podge, Cut some circles out of clay- and Badda Bing Badda boom!

We’re boardgame fanatics over here and we are going to USE THIS old gal. If you like boardgames too, might I recommend following us on our socials? A super awesome game giveaway is coming soon!

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