Such Pretty Faces

A Space to Relate and Create

We all have our favorite spots, and no matter where I have lived (consciously or subconsciously) I find myself gravitating to a ‘spot’. When I was single and living in my much glorified quiet 550 sqft apartment, my spot was the corner of my oversized sofa where I would tuck in with my books and listen to the sounds of nothing, which at that time, was more or less the sounds of the city.

Things are louder these days, and very much louder in a different type of way. House spots are definitely less quiet. All of my roommates (hi if you’re new here, I call my children and my husband my roommates) like the television and though two of my small roomies like books a lot they don’t read them in their head. Things have changed a lot.

Still, though, I have two spots that I like to find myself in. I like to sit in my blue chair in my office, and I like to hide from my kids in my bathroom and read. Fun fact: My husband claims that I can spend up to 30 minutes in the bathroom, but I honestly feel like I’m only gone for 5?

I digress.

One of my findings on being cozy is to keep that area immaculate- I do not care at all what the rest of my house looks like but my area of joy is obsessively set just the way I like it.

I’ve also grown to realize that outdoor light matters. I’m a plant mother, and I guess, in this way I have a lot in common with the plants I mother…

What about you? Tell me about your spaces and places. Tell me why you love your favorite spot. Share a pic. I love to see what you love, after all.

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