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Sometimes, my brain vexes me. In what feels like several hundred lifetimes ago, I brought my Great Aunt Betty a Banana Pudding Milkshake and I remember it was a national treasure of deliciousness.

Then, I forgot Banana Pudding milkshakes existed while living my life and forgetting everything including where my cell phone is. Please know, I have many great qualities but my memory is not on that list.

BUT GREAT NEWS, YALL! I remembered!

This recipe is really, really easy. It’s hard for me to classify it as a recipe because it’s just SO EASY.

Also. Buy the Slaton Vanilla wafers. Pay for the shipping if you’re not near an HEB. THEY ARE WORTH IT.

I’m adding this to my file of fantastic recipes that will be served at mine and Henry’s old fashioned soda shoppe. I can’t wait to win the lottery and make that happen.

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