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My grandmother was quite an accomplished seamstress. She was so accomplished that calling her a seamstress doesn’t really seem to do what she could do justice.

I remember vividly the smell of her sewing room, the feel of the mills ends wild carpet, and the sound of the hum of the sewing machine. I had a My little pony machine, and I would sit on the floor tucked under the corner of her sewing table sewing scraps while she made real things.

She died when I was 13, so I never learned any real skill from her, but I did learn the basics by way of osmosis and watching her for my formative years.

I credit Francie with my (sometimes too zealous) attitude of: I can make that.

Cut to present day, where I have this little blog, and this little blog has little socials and the little socials have little friends, I started following a maker @Mandabe4r on Instagram where in she takes us on little making tours and shows the world all of her sewing projects in a most inspirational way.

THEN I found a dress on Anthropologie that I did not want to pay for. And a pattern that I decided I could make. And my internet friend said I could so I did.

And now I have caught the sewing bug.

A word on catching the sewing bug and it blowing your eyes wide open to the horrors of fast fashion: I’ve made this dress twice, and both times I have spent 2x more than an entire dress from Old navy on fabric. Making your clothes is not cheap. Making your clothes will give you a renewed fear of what fast fashion is doing to humans- the planet- and our lives.

Well, that was light and cheery!

Do you sew? Do you want to? The scariest part of sewing was the patterns…. I have elected to make clothing from small pattern shoppes and I have also elected to make them by way of printing the PDF which is a WHOLE THING. Check out my socials for a quick how to on that!

Clearly I overcame the PDF pattern because check out my two cute dresses! Up next: A CAFTAN! Stay tuned!

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