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I have two co-conspirator’s here at Such Pretty Faces, and both of them are MEGA peanut butter fan girls.

In fact, should I outlive either one of them, I intend to pour peanut butter all over their death vessel as tribute to the glorious life they lived.

It’s national Chocolate Chip Cookie day today, and in honor of this most auspicious holiday, I have created a cast iron peanut butter chocolate chip cookie topped with a peanut butter hot fudge because: HOLY YUM.

This is not a rocket science recipe, but I want you to know it is OUTSTANDING and you should make it. It will make your roommates so happy. Who am I kidding? IT WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY.

Speaking of, why is it the year of our lord 2021 and this is the first time I have eaten Peanut butter hot fudge? Have all of the food bloggers failed us up until now? How sad.

Anywho. It’s national chocolate chip cookie day, and since Peanut Butter makes everything better, you should make THIS EXACT recipe. You’re welcome. I love you, my loyal 12 readers.

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