Such Pretty Faces

A Space to Relate and Create

We live in North Texas, in the suburbs, nestled between Dallas and Fort Worth in the outskirts of the real city. When we built this house three years ago, my husband sweet talked me into checking the box of our semi custom home to get a media room. This is almost zero percent amusing to me, as I don’t watch movies or television.

I am 100% the minority amongst my roomies, and my boys especially L E U R V E this space. My daughter, on the other hand, had a considerably lengthy period where she was very committed to …. covertly redecorating the walls and the media room was her #1 canvas.

Did I mention the paint in our semi custom builder grade home’s paint is legitimately impossible to clean? It was the perfect storm, and because of that I decided that the Media room was the next spot to get paint.

My husband is a saint, and he’s largely tolerated me selecting jewel tone everything for our abode, but in the media room/man cave I let him select the color.

On Father’s Day weekend I got busy with the rollers and painted every inch of the walls and ceilings, but because we have three kids, I didn’t get to the artsy parts of the room until now.

I’m Rambling: We’re talking about gallery walls.

For me, I’m not the type to be THAT serious about anything as to make paper dupes to see how things sit on the wall- I opt for the Type B personality way of ‘laying it out on the floor’.

For this grouping I laid it out wide to thin, thin to wide. This looked the best on the floor.

Once I had my general ‘lewk’ I sent my trusty assistant (spouse) to do the hanging and VOILA!

Gallery walls: yay or nay? Do you love them? Hate them? Have them? Want them? Tell me everything in the comments!

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