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My daughter is going through a mermaid phase fueled by two books: How to Catch a Mermaid and That’s not My Mermaid and she honestly just CANNOT get enough.

She was due a sensory bin, and so obviously I took her lead and got to work making her a Mermaid outdoor sensory bin.

Unpopular opinion: Water tables are unnecessary. They’re landfill plastic in the making when you can set a tub of water outside and let the kids play with the exact same affect. Don’t believe me? Check out these photos :).

We had these Wild Republic Mermaid Dolls laying around, and I made some ice cubes, saved a plastic bottle from the trash, and We were in business.

To step up the fun, might I recommend you grab some empty containers and make some “ice” with things for kids to have to get out? I used some large plastic jewels I had laying around, but honestly you could have done this with random coins.

I grabbed bags of colored sand at the Dollar Tree, but you could use a $5 bag of play sand.

The tools she uses in her sand and water sensory table are old measuring cups, cheap funnels I had laying around in the kitchen, a sifter, and of course ICE CUBES.

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