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๐Ÿ‹ A party thatโ€™s easy, peasy lemon squeeze! ๐Ÿ‹

When trying to plan for this blog post I couldn’t help but reminisce from birthday’s past. This oldie, but goodie is Ava’s 4th birthday. The perfect summertime birthday party for a lemonade lover!

This party took place when we were living in Memphis, TN. My husband at the time, was completing his OB fellowship and money was tight. I wanted to give Ava a sweet party she could remember, but budget was an issue and I had to DIY to the max. Lucky for you, I have attached party printables and links at the bottom of the post, so you can repeat this sweet summertime party.

The ‘Squeeze the Day’ sign was printed on board poster at my local Walgreens. I use Walgreens’ photo department as much as possible because it has same day printing AND they typically have a 40% of coupon for prints. Oversized, decorative honeycombs with paper leaves were the perfect (affordable) decoration to keep this party sweet.

This paint party that was held at Pitter Potter Studio in Cordova, TN. It was perfect! I am the kind of mom who wants to enjoy the party, so having someone come in and provide the activity, is always a WIN in my ‘party book’!

This cake goes down as one of my favorite designs. With macaroons, sprinkles, polka dots, and lemons- it’s perfection! Unfortunately, this baker is no longer baking.

Lemonade cake pops were the perfect treat for this celebration. As an added touch, I used sprinkles to fill the bottom of the jars.

I have come to find that little details make a party. These water bottles with labels and straws added the perfect amount of adorable to this celebration.

Can you have a lemonade birthday party without a lemonade stand? I think not. This stand is a Park Hill Collection original and acted not only as an integral piece to this birthday celebration, but as the birthday girl’s present.

Amazon List:

Fans to create the oversized Lemon Slice: Blue and Yellow

Honey Combs

Small Honey Combs

Turquoise Paper Plates

Pink Paper Plates


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