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I recently spent time in the heart of Maine. I know this to be the exact location of our adventure because there was a sign stating that fact, which of course I verified with a quick google search. Which got me thinking- does anyone remember when we did not use google for instant gratification? Or remember what life was like without asking ourselves several times a day (internally or externally) “where is my phone?”  Presuming my readers are my generation or older, I dare say our day to day experiences are much different now than they were even when we were kids. Certainly a 180 degree difference than our parents generation. For me, I find myself creating and being caught in the busy-ness of all that I can possibly do, yet also a wee bit yearning for time to slow down so I can relax and enjoy it all. I am my own worst enemy in that regard and I am betting I am not alone.

So here we are, in the heart of Maine. Long rolling hills, tall pine trees as far as the eye can see, and small almost ghost towns scattered about. On the drive to our lunch spot, I saw the most amazing thing tucked away behind some trees. A covered bridge. Completely in tact, and with a road through it that was still functional. What happened next you ask?

How dare you not just assume you know me by now.

Of course I made our family drive through it (or is it under or over the bridge? That is a tricky one), then parked the car on the other side so we could also walk through/under/over (just pick already my grammar police!). The entire experience probably took 10 minutes at most but it felt like time stopped even as we were walking and talking and laughing. These bridges are simply magnificent. When you are in one, you just know there is so much history in and around that area. This particular bridge was over a creek, and the whole scene was idyllic. It was calm, peaceful, and relaxing. Even when we left the scene, (after 20 or so forced family pix), that peace and relaxation carried with me. And it was that feeling inside that actually had me feel like time wasn’t rushing past me on this day. I would bet an uneaten cheeto that there were 24 hours in that day, just like all the others. But on this day, those hours and minutes went by slower. And I felt it. 

It was glorious.

My advice to you is – go for a drive, find a covered bridge, or trail with a canopy of trees covering it, or something old and existing in the world around you. Walk around/through/in/out of it, and take it all in. Breathe deep, and find the peace. You’ll be glad you did.


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