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Here’s a story about my favorite brownie recipe: No one believes in it until they take their first bite. This brownie recipe is OUTSTANDING and even if you don’t think frosting belongs on brownies, I think this recipe will allow you to change your mind.

Of course, when you can, I would seriously recommend that you dress your brownies up like Chewbacca.

It’s easy, and it makes Star Wars lovers happy. For the record: I am more of a Harry Potter Lover than Star Wars, but I make a fair amount of Star Wars desserts anyhow.

The Recipe is easy- you mix some things then you dump some things, it’s fool proof so I won’t bore you with a lot of details.

Once you have it all mixed up, just roll out tootsie rolls flat and trim them up for Chewie’s belt! I made the white dots with store bought frosting.

One thought on “Chewy Chewie Brownies

  1. Talou Miller says:

    You are so awesome! Can I be your child 🧒?


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