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After having three children, I can safely say that my self given title of ‘Childrens book Connoisseur’ is hard earned and serious.

More than most childrens authors, I love Yuval Zommer the most.

The first book of his that I purchased was The Big Book of Bugs and I (Ahem… The kids) have now collected each and every one of his books. BONUS! They also have sticker books!!! These books are filled with beautiful photos and have guided our sensory play for literally years. They’re fact based, artistic, and guide our learning beautifully.

We decided it was high time that we use The Big Book of Bugs to also guide our snack time, and the kids and I put our heads together to make ‘bug snacks’.

  • Strawberry Ladybugs were made by halving strawberries and using chocolate chips and black licorice to decorate the ‘body’
  • We made Cucumber Centipedes by making miniature cuts on each side of the cucumber and then slicing them lengthwise
  • Butterfly Apples are just apples cut ‘the star way’ with dried apricots and pecans to shape the butterfly
  • Pond Bugs are round crackers smeared with Cream Cheese, halved tomatoes, and olives to make the bug
  • Ants on a Log, a real American classic. I won’t bore you with the details
  • Okra Chip Grasshoppers are more of an impressionist spin

BUT MOST OF ALL…. My kids ate all of this stuff, with exception of 2 of them eating the guts of the ants on a log and tossing the celery- which honestly, I can’t really blame them for that because celery is on my suspect food list.

If you’re feeling like a theme snack and a new read, Such Pretty Faces has you covered!

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