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For fathers day this year, I decided to give my husband’s media room a face lift- we’ll obviously go over all of those details later, but today: Let’s talk about how I’m covertly making Father’s day cards which will serve as art for his walls.

The Inspiration: Things he likes to watch on the big screen.

I took my kid’s hands and got to work. Later, I’ll frame one and put it on the wall in a gallery setting.

I just love handprints, don’t you? I hope my kids make me handprint things into their 40’s just to delight my little old lady heart.

Since I have 3 kids and none of them are tiny babies, I took a blank 5 x 7 card and used the inside for handprints. Because I LOVE y’all, I made easy to print card fronts that you can glue to the outside to finish your project.

Below are the paint combos for handprints:

  • R2D2: all grey (add blue details after)
  • Yoda: green palm and thumb, brown pointer through pinkie finger
  • Chewy: all brown
  • Batman: all black (add details after)
  • spider man: all red
  • Captain America: all blue

Helpful hints, pinkie fingers in white paint make beautiful eyes. Details should be completed after the paint dries. Sharpie markers are the best for this.

So cute! So easy! Grab your paint and get going 🙂

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