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I learned some important lessons in my office renovation, and that is that finding the right interior decorator is equal to being Goldilocks and you might have to sit in some chairs and lay in some beds before you find it.

I went through two other decorators before I finally convinced my Bestie Shannon to help me, but once I got her invested we were off to the races! Can you even believe what a great job she did? Shannon is mostly a stay at home mom, but she can be lured out of her house to do the occasional decorating job with the right combination of sweet talk and baubles.

I’m a pain to work with on stuff like this, because I pinch pennies to spend pounds. Why yes I will drop a gob of money on a custom built in but you say you think I need $200 roman shades? BYE.

Anyways! The office is (mostly) done and I am so happy, all we lack now are the exact roman shades which I am still hoping I find for a deal on Facebook Marketplace.

A few things: I haven’t committed to hanging a single thing on my big wallpaper wall because I just can’t even consider poking a hole in the wall. This was my first wallpaper hanging endeavor, which my mom and I tackled together… The mere thought of harming it seems counterintuitive and I’m not yet interested.

I found the blue chair on Facebook marketplace. I decided I wanted a baby blue chair, and the first one got unlawfully sold from beneath me (oh the drama of Facebook marketplace) but this one is not too sad. It worked out.

Also, that chandelier, eh? Another Facebook marketplace find, with a glow up of shades that have been hacked to stay on. I think it involves plumbers flanges and witchcraft.

You’ll never guess where the desk came from- NOT Facebook marketplace, I really branched out here and got this grand dame on NextDoor buy sell trade, she used to be red, but she was stripped and repainted a few times until I finally settled on this color.

Paint colors, ala Sherwin Williams. The Walls are Polite White, the Built in is marejia blue, and the desk is Grape Harvest

A word on Facebook marketplace: This is one of my quirky things- I love a deal but I hate places like Ross and At Home, mostly because I like other peoples old treasures. I used to be an avid Estate Sale goer but they’re mostly no kids allowed, and I have a lot of children that like to hang out with me. As such, meet the new love of my life: FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE!

I found this rug on Overstock, and while I wish I sized up, I’m still really happy with it as a little accent tucked under my chair.

Anthropologie, how I love thee. Artemis Wallpaper was the inspiration to this whole show.

And we can’t forget this Rattan Wall mirror!

My whole goal in life is to ban the grey- since our house is very builder grade, I have my work cut out for me, but with Shannon by my side, I can do anything.

One thought on “The big reveal

  1. ALICIA Gette- BIGLAND says:

    I think it looks very Victorian and warm. Love the look.

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