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My kids absolutely LOVE when I make up stories. And while I have moments of knocking it out of the park, most of the time even I think my made up stories of leprechauns, rainbows, flying squirrels and cake (because there always has to be cake) are dull. But in the rare moments when something I say starts a wave of giggles, I find myself suddenly motivated to keep talking and try and keep the giggle train rolling.

This morning was a successful train ride through giggle town after a family of feet found their way to a tree and knocked on the diamond shaped door within the bark to find a flying squirrel named Wilbur baking a chocolate cake inside (hysterical, right Tim?). So, the day clearly started off with my ego being fully pumped up, and things blossomed from there. Which made me realize that the little things  not only that impact them; they impact me as well.

In fact, this weekend we had a full weekend of big things, but that silly story ranked high amongst the best parts of their weekend when we polled them at bedtime (as all parents do, right?). And not just for them- for my wife and I as well. Because it has been stories like that that we build on over time, discuss at random intervals and keep making memories over and over again. The kids remember elements of the stories that I forget as soon as I’ve said them, then delight themselves in telling me I am wrong when I try and recreate the scenes. Although it starts off as just another little thing in life, it ends up being the gift that keeps on giving.

So just do it- whatever that little thing is that is silly or corny or seems like it will be annoying and you “just don’t want to.” Because maybe you hate it, maybe you love it in the moment. But you will remember it, and those memories will be great to share when you are sitting around the nursing home water cooler.

Wilbur and I will see you there. Bring your own cake.

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