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I just love mailing cards- but you may have already figured that out. You likely REALLY know it if I have your address, because there is nothing that delights me more than sending mail.

Fun fact: I also love Hot Air Balloons. I remember being on vacation with my family in Colorodo when I was young and there was a Hot Air Balloon Festival, the colors floating through the sky at the crack of dawn is one of my favorite things.

If things are particularly hairy in my day job my number one daydream is to become a Hot Air Balloon Pilot. Sometimes, I go so far as to PRICE OUT A HOT AIR BALLOON and calculate how many rides I would have to pilot to pay my mortgage, because this is a normal activity.

My ‘Jam’ is to make cards with moving parts but this time i went big with a 3 D option. Don’t tell anyone but this one is actually stupid easy.

  • Origami Paper or other solid paper (8 pieces of Origami paper or 2 pieces of solid paper should work fine)
  • Cardstock for the card
  • Markers
  • Free Printable Stencil
  • Hot Glue

First, you’ll print your stencils. Use these to draw and then cut all of the parts you will need. The more hot air balloons you make, the fuller it will be. I used 10 ‘balloons’ for my card. Once you have all of the pieces, write your message on the front of the card and then glue every other balloon together. Place in the fold of the card and attach. Add any extra special pieces and you’re in business!

For a quick walkthrough of how I did it, check out the video below!

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