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I am a blithering IDIOT for silicon molds. I think they make adorable little creations, so if I can find cute molds, and if my husband isn’t there to speak sense into me, I buy them. I found the most adorable alphabet silicon mold for cheap on the Facebook Marketplace, so I snagged it. (Pro tip: Look on Facebook marketplace if you desire something first).

The second I saw the size of them, I just knew these would be great for my middle child, who can tell you all sorts of things about Ocean creatures but has exactly NO interest in learning the names of his letters.

I’m always looking for fun ways to talk about letters, and I figured he might get into helping make these. (It worked!)

Additionally, these are fully compostable, and low waste. WIN WIN WINWINWIN.

This is really really easy. Get yourself some dried flowers ( you can purchase these, dry some yourself, or cut open a few tea bags if you’re into herbal tea), and slip the flowers in the mold before you pour.

Melt some beeswax. Carefully fill your mold. Allow to cool completely. Pop out of your mold! BEHOLD! the perfect letters for your little one.

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