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I’m a self professed plant lady. I love them and they’re on every single ledge in my house, but what do you do when you run out of room for three dimensional plants, but you don’t have quite enough greenery?

Press them and frame them, duh.

My girlfriend Shannon has the most beautiful house, she is a natural designer who has a really keen eye for making cozy livable spaces…. She came up with this idea, so it is pure gold.

Also, this is a budget friendly genius idea. In order to execute on this you’ll need the following:

  • a thin framed picture frame
  • Acid free cardstock or matting
  • White Medical Tape
  • Some large heavy books for drying your botanicals
  • wax paper
  • Plants, for the drying
These are the frames that were used in our project, they are really thin edges which is the exact aesthetic we were going for.

Choosing plants is half the fun! You could even do this with a flower from a boquet that means something to you, or maybe dry things from a trip you take, or, heck go in your backyard and get to picking. Pick things that make your heart or your eyes happy!

Bring your treasures inside, sandwich them individually in between wax paper, and squish ’em between big heavy books. Leave them there at least three weeks for max drying.

Once you have your dried ‘precious’, lay them out and decide what you think would make your walls gorgeous.

Cut your acid free paper to the size of your frames, and lay your plants out. Using very thin strips of this tape to hold them down.

Once you are happy with your creation, get that baby in the frame! You’ve just got to hang it now.

Will you just look at this compillation of dried botanicals? It’s just perfect. If you make this, be sure to tag us to show us your final outcome!

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