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When life gives you lemons, I suppose you could always make lemonade….. But if you really want to give those lemons the what for, you make cookies.

My preferred desert is cookies, and when I take a bite of a lemon treat I want it to mean business. I have created this recipe to be the best of a lemon bar and a cookie all wrapped into one. They’re soft and lemony and they have tiny little surprise bits of lemon heads in them.

Five stars. Delicious.

In order to make this recipe, you’ll need one box of lemon heads. You can crush them with a plastic bag and a rolling pin or hammer, which will yield a larger bit type of result, or you can hit them with your blender or food processor, which will give you more of a dusty particulate. I opted for my immersion blender.

Beyond that, these are easy breezy. I bet you’ll love them if you like lemon at all. If you make these, tag us in your social media posts by using the hashtag #SuchPrettyFacesBakes !

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