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We have two drawers (now one) in our kitchen that are riddled with a superfluous amount of crap. I cannot honestly count how many times I open that drawer to find some missing MVP tool to shuffle a bunch of junk around and then shut it again. This weekend, I decided, it’s positively stupid to continue to open a drawer, get pissed off, and shut it again.


This photo was taken after I tossed about 75% of the contents of this drawer, you will find no surprise in learning that the remaining items pictured actually have a home that isn’t here.

I bring this task to you because I want to know: Are junk drawers a thing you consciously decide on? If yes, do you find that any of the junk in your drawer is vital to your life? If this is something that just happens, HOW DO WE FIX THESE STRUGGLES?

Adulting is hard, y’all. I need a full time organizer to fix my personality deficits.

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