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Teacher Appreciation week, especially in the times of Corona Virus, better be constructed to make amends for a tremendously tough time, AmIRight?

Amelia, in her “infinite” free time as a School Based SLP, single mom to three kiddos, and the most social human on the planet, worked with her gal pal and somehow managed to pull off the cutest travel theme week of thank you I’ve ever seen.

These thank you bags dressed as suitcases, CUTE…. Am I right?

They worked with several local businesses to get donations and made a Destination Bingo Game. The Winner called BINGO by running to the office to collect their pick of some pretty awesome prizes.

And of course, a 10 foot globe made of balloons, because why wouldn’t you?

Teachers, Thank you. Thank you for all of the things you do.

Thank you for being the glitter and the glue in our kids lives.

Thank you for hugging them when they need hugs and their parents are away, thank you for loving their creative brains, and most of all, thank you for changing the future one student at the time.

We see you, we stand with you, we support you.

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