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It’s teachers appreciation week, and if there’s ever been a year in which we should figure out a way to tell teachers ‘Thank you’, this is the one. If you’re like me, you miiiiight could use a few ideas to say thank you to the teachers in your life, and here’s a list of ideas for you to make it happen!

1. Their Favorite Pens, Pentel Flair Pens are apparently very exciting amongst the teacher crowd.

2. A homemade loaf of bread and butter. Honestly, this is my absolute favorite gift of homemade goodness. What’s better than homemade bread? NOTHING. I grabbed a neutral pack of dishtowels from Target as well as those cute spreaders which came out to be right around $5 to dress up the gift, so cute, right? Check back tomorrow and I’ll share with you my favorite delicious no knead bread!

3. Fresh Flowers. I love to give flowers to everyone, but I feel like teachers just don’t get enough fresh blooms. This is a great way to spoil your teacher if you just don’t know too much about them.

4. Lunch Delivery! I shoot a quick email to my kids teacher and give them a few restaurants to pick from. My son’s teacher works with a pod of educators, and I just ask her to grab everyones order. I write words of thanks on their drinks and drop it off at the office. This is a huge hit.

5. Gift Cards and a Sweet Note. Spoil them by giving them the means to spoil themselves, I always say. Amiright? Here’s a free printable thank you card to make this quick to execute on.

6. A school spirit T Shirt, and will you just look at this Grade A Adorable packaging? I love this one. It’s useful, it’s practical, and it’s fun.

7. ADORABLE COOKIES! Cute cookies are sure to make any teacher feel special! They are individually wrapped personalized pencil cookies with your teachers name. Made with love from Neily’s. Neily’s is a mother daughter duo from Arlington, TX that whips out the sweetest cookies!

How are you showing your teachers love this year?

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