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First, Hi hello, I am the Darth Baker and I will be preparing you for the upcoming May 4, which is Star Wars Day to all the real fans out there.

On the menu today: Princess Amondala Cookies and Bantha Milk.

I used a truly excessive amount of food coloring because it’s a once in a year holiday and I do not regret it.

I was going for a ‘galaxy’ lewk and I would like to give mvp credit to adding these cute stars for really taking them over the top.

The ingredients for the cookies are simple, and the most important thing is actually to beat the crud out of them and be patient.

I don’t have a double boiler, so I made it work with a glass bowl.

Have we ever talked about how my stand mixer is older than me? This kitchen aid is a Hobart from the late 70’s and I love it. Never die, old lady, ok?

I got one of those 3 way piping bags and Let me tell you- it was a mistake. Don’t do it, unless you like to be endlessly irritated. You can accomplish a similar look by adding all 3 colors in one bag and trying to not MIX THEM…. Or you can buy a 3 way coupler and proliferate curse words like me… Up to you :).

Bake these bad boys forever, fill ’em, and VOILA.

You’re in Warp speed business.

Meringue cookies are unique, really sweet, and strangely addictive. As such, they go great with Bantha Milk.

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