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If I have your address, chances are, You are personally acquainted with how much I like to send mail. It’s one of my love languages, but it’s also sort of a way that I physically send you my thoughts and prayers. It’s ritualistic for me to have the luxury of sending people things in the mail, mostly just cards with stickers I find that I think they might love, or sometimes just a really hysterical card.

I love to send mail.

Mothers Day is upon us, and I cannot stop thinking about how complex this holiday is for a whole lot of people.

We don’t talk about my brand of spirituality often, because it’s complex…. And even though Organized Religion really freaks me out, I find that these days bring about a very real need for me to hold space for people.

  • Women whose babies aren’t with them.
  • Moms whose babies aren’t alive.
  • Mothers whose babies can’t communicate.
  • Women who struggle with infertility.
  • Mama’s who have babies in the foster system.
  • Step Mama’s.
  • Children who have lost their Mother.
  • Mothers who are suddenly single when that was never the plan.
  • People who have more than one mom and feel pulled in two directions.
  • Step Mothers.
  • Kids whose parent is incarcerated.
  • Women who desperately long for babies.
  • Single moms who fill all the roles.

The list goes on, and on, and on….. Mothers day is hard, and weird, and sad for some.

Mothers day is also happy and joyful and beautiful for others.

No matter your situation, No matter the women in your life’s role, I find that sending cards of love is a way that I can normalize a holiday that is hard for so many. Below are some free printable cards, and if this holiday is hard for you, know that I am holding space for you.

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