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There is something so classic about those cute pennants that the sports ballers collect, isn’t there?

When our very own #Katiecan told me that her whole family is enrolled in spring softball, I just knew that my dream of making pennants would soon be a reality.

Pennants say “I’m here and I care” without saying “I’m crazy and I’m going to get into a fist fight with the referee”. . . don’t you think?

So, great news, this whole craft is made with Felt (cheap), Glue (no sew), Scissors, and snark.

I love it when a craft involves snark, don’t you?

I’ve made an easy pennant pattern. When you print it, you’ll have to piece together the pattern, but then you’ll be in business. The best part of using felt is that you don’t have to worry about seams fraying. SO EASY!

I envision an entire line of pennants with sarcastic sayings, perhaps “go sportsball” or ” #4 fan”…..

To make the letters, I just freehanded them. I promise it’s easier than it looks. For cursive you’ll want to invert your pattern on the ‘back’ so that when you cut it out it glues ‘right side up’.

Another hint on letters- make sure you make them ascending in size!

Take me out to the ballgame, won’t you? But let’s not, because i’m not really into sports.

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