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I’ve spent the last two weeks binging a podcast. Have I ever told you fine folks that I am hearing impaired? Well, I am. I’ve known since my early 20’s that my hearing was deteriorating, but the addition of a hearing aide was a game changer. I truly had no idea that dishwashers made noise.

…. Now is a good time to share that I truly didn’t need to know that dishwashers made noise. There are a lot of noises that those of us who are HoH/deaf miss out on, and I am very serious when I say 75% of them are probably not really worth hearing.

That said, I’ve picked up this little habit of streaming audiobooks or podcasts, or just sometimes relaxing music into my ear. When James comes around trying to chat me up, my eyes roll into the back of my head because can’t he see that he’s interfering with my podcast? (Honestly, no. He cannot see that he is interfering. But that is beside the point)

Recently I was turned on to Ear Hustle and my world was blown wide open.

Ear Hustle is a podcast that is produced in prison, the focus has never been to do investigation of crimes, or to discuss whether a person belongs in the prison or not, it is literally about giving the listeners a peek inside of life in prison.

I’ve done some reading, and I knew that our prison system is faulty, broken, and at most times, gross. Still, I don’t think I adequately grasped exactly how off the mark we were as a society from caring for people as people.

My key takeaway: Prison is another way that our society is terrorizing black and brown bodies. Reform is necessary right now.

Have you listened to EarHustle? If you haven’t, will you? It’s so good, it’s so heart warming, and sometimes it’s also gut wrenching. I hope you’ll love it as much as I do.

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