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Can ANYONE get through Frozen (the movie, not the experience climbing Everest) without crying? I have seen it so many times, I know what happens and why, and that does NOTHING to stop the oversized tear drops from falling out of my eyes every time Anna stops Hans from killing Elsa. (Don’t act like this was a spoiler).  That act of true love between sisters is gut wrenching to me. And I don’t even have a sister!

Thinking I was safe, I watched Frozen 2 with one of my kids the other day. This was the first time I didn’t sleep thru the strange woods/mist part with the spirit sounds, so I actually understood (way more than my kids do) about Elsa finding where she belongs and following her heart to finally be free. C’MON DISNEY.  In addition to the mammoth size tears, I now had to contend with dripping snot and my 4 year old’s questioning eyes as to why Mama was losing it (again). Luckily she held my hand, so I got thru it. But, damn.

One part of this flick has Anna- once again left behind by her sister- telling herself to do the next right thing. I started thinking how this can apply to many areas of life: driving, cooking, parenting.  Not parenting like “Ok Katie, the next right thing is to feed the kids because they are clearly hangry” but more like teach them to just focus on the next right thing when they get overwhelmed, confused or lost. My kids are in a scatter brained, all over the map kinda stage right now (because God has a sense of humor) and they get to the point where they look at me, gut wrenched, and say “I don’t know why I am crying or what I should be doing.” I have begun channeling my inner Anna and find myself saying to them (whilst singing it in my head) “just do the next right thing.” It calms me right down (which feels way better than matching their frustration), and I do think it helps me be a better parent. So I share this with you in the event that it helps you as well.

And if you need a good cry, clearly you have my movie recommendations to assist you as well. I’m a giver.

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