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The Last Leg of the Race to the perfect Derby Day is…. Of Course…. Setting up a cute little party vignette.

I am really truly not a sports fan, except for the Olympics and the Kentucky Derby, and LeBron James at large. I digress, let’s focus our attention on The Derby!

We’ve got a hand lettered chalk board, this welcome sign for our wall, and a sweet small red balloon ‘sculpture’

Roses are a really BIG Deal at the Kentucky Derby, the winner actually gets a ‘blanket’ of 554 roses when they win! In case you happen upon an ESPN channel, now you know why they call it ‘The Run for the Roses’….

You can spice up your drink table with either silk roses or fresh ones in your glass ware. If this is a kid friendly party, or you’re expecting me, might I recommend you replace or add some Martinelli Sparkling Apple Cider?

The Glitter Table cloth: Sooooooo Pretty! This is one of those surprising items that flexes it’s muscles exponentially in our party space. A, shockingly, great buy with lots of uses. Five Stars.

Two Very Needed ideas for your party: A betting ‘window’ where folks can place their bets- (Link at the bottom for a free printable with a 2021 lineup of horses)


A Make your own Derby Hat Station! This is a quick and easy thing to toss together. Simply grab a pack of Happy Birthday Headbands (We Recommend the Dollar Tree), grab some silk flowers and remove the stems, and add some mesh ribbons.

To make this quick you can glue alligator clips to the back of the items so people can attach it to the headband easily, and AWAY YOU GO.

Tell us in the comments, Derby Pick? Who will win?

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