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It’s an exciting day in the neighborhood here at Such Pretty Faces.

Some time ago, we came up with this idea to do a ‘horseshoe hour’ and today is the very first episode.

What is horseshoe hour? It’s just a time to get to know someone you may not know- learn something new about a person- and hear what makes them tick. Getting to know your fellow humans, if you will.

Our very first victim is my former coworker, now friend, Elizabeth Geurin. Liz is a lot of things: A wife, A career bad ass professional who aims to outearn her husband, A Vegan, An enthusiastic traveler an Auntie who has no desire to have children of her own, an dedicated exerciser, and an Enneagram 3.

I picked Liz because she’s afraid to write, and also because she is SO INTENSE she makes my type B self fall apart into tiny little pieces by way of laughter. Everyone say hello to Liz.

Q 1: Liz, you were on my work team when I insisted on everyone answering a question of my choosing each Friday- so this question will come as no surprise to you. Lets just say you get over your fear of writing and you write a book. Describe your perfect outfit for your book cover: “Ok. . . I would wear my hair down, 100%. You know, I’ve been rocking the middle part way before it was cool, just letting these Gen A’s and B’s know I was cool before it was hip…. I would wear small gold hoops and a chic off white blouse with a collar and a minor V Neck. Not sheer, I don’t want you to see my bra, with a blazer and pants and cute mules.”

Q 2: Tell me three things you’re passionate about: Oh OK! Mental health, Physical Health, and discrimination and inequity. I think all of them are pretty intertwined, I believe that all humans are born without hate in our hearts, and what happens to us impacts us. Every human deserves the tools to be their best selves. I realized that what we put in our bodies impacts your quality of life. Again, because of restricted access due to resources . I want to show up to be the best ally and to propagate people to share their real experiences and be validated and change things for the better.

Q 3: Now tell me, if you could make one change worldwide what would it be? “Oh F#*K Me! I have two that are really on my heart. I, first, would erase the entire systemic oppression of the United States. I think that stopping the oppression of where we live would have an impact on the entire world. Can you even imagine removing ALL of the laws and starting fresh? (Y’all, she’s getting really excited here). The Second thing is to have everyone stop eating all animal products, because it would impact the world in so many ways.

Q 4: What is the greatest accomplishment of your life? Frankly, at this point in my life, I would say recognizing that I wasn’t living authentically, and seeking help and working to live my most authentic life with my most authentic self.

Q 5: What’s the best trip you’ve ever taken and why? When I went to Turkey to visit my former exchange family. It was several years later, and I had such an admiration, excitement, and respect for the way different people live. It is always so great to see how other cultures find happiness. Also going into other cultures is a reminder for me to slow down and just be.

BONUS ROUND: You can Ask me one question. I will answer. “Oh I like this… If you have to choose an Enneagram that YOU believe that you are, What is it?” (This is a long standing thing between us, y’all. I don’t understand Enneagram and I don’t feel like I fit in one of the boxes. She hates this answer. Do I have any Enneagram rejectors around here to back me up?)

Got someone who you think would be fun for us to interview? Tell us about it!

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