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Now that we have our snacks set, it’s time to talk cocktails!

If leaded drinks are your thing, you really truly cannot have a Kentucky Derby party without a Mint Julep, there are two ways to make a Mint Julep- you can do it by muddling mint and granulated sugar with just a bit of water, or you can use simple syrup. I personally prefer using sugar- I don’t have a reason for this but I like to think it’s more authentic.

Our standard bartender, @themomwithwine knows virtually nothing about Bourbon. She knows a lot about wine and fruit and vodka that tastes like a birthday cake, though… So that’s something.

ANYWAYS: Back to the drinking at hand- I, Rebecca, don’t really drink all that much, but when I do, I drink Bourbon or Whiskey.

For those of us who need a refresher, (Lordy please let me get this right…) All Whiskey is Bourbon, but not all Bourbon is Whiskey. Bourbon is likely home grown and definitely corn fed- meaning that it’s USUALLY made in Kentucky, and always made with at least 51% Corn.

But you didn’t come here for a booze lesson, did you?


Obviously, we’ve got friends who don’t drink… Heck, *I* mostly do not drink, so as such, we’ve got two classic derby cocktails. . . One Unleaded, and the other Leaded. Get your recipes right here, and make enough for all of your socially distanced Derby Guests.

Happy Derby Drinks Day!

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