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I am SO excited about what we have in store for you this week. So So So excited.


No, no, not really. We’re doing derby week early because we want you to be ready when it is time. (For those not in the know, the Kentucky Derby is upon us and it is coming May 1. We have a week of provisions set up for you.

I first had a derby party back before Henry was even 1. I still worked in Long Term Care and I had a family afternoon where we raised money for The Alzheimer’s Association. Very serious offer: When this whole Covid thing is really really done, Let it be known that I will have a huge Derby party to raise money for a charity. Do you have a charity in mind to raise money for? Tell us about it in the comments!

For any Kentucky Derby party, you’ll need horses. My HOA (And Husband) frown upon the real deal horses in the back yard…. Both of which squash my fun from time to time, but it’s ok because I actually have an upgrade on the horse situation for you.

STICK HORSES! I made these for my youngest two kids- so I showcased their favorite colors on the horse. I implore you to make 6 and have them be the color of the rainbow. I ran out of time, so we’re working with 2.

To make a stick horse, you’ll need the following things:

  • 1/2 yard fabric
  • fiber fill
  • Yarn (for hair)
  • dowel rod (7/8″)
  • 4″ Styrofoam ball
  • Grosgrain ribbon, 1/4″
  • Felt (Just a little for the inside of the horse ears)
  • An old Black Sock (for the eyes)
  • A hot glue gun
  • a needle and thread
  • A sewing machine and basic knowledge on how to operate it.

To Start: Take your fabric, make sure you have about 6″ at the base of the fabric and trace a horse profile, no ears.

The shape you’re going for is a backwards seven with a hump where the lines connect. Once you have a good shape, make the fabric face inward. Wrap lengths of yarn to make the hair. You’ll want to sandwich your yarn down the horses ‘neck’. Sew your horse, leaving the opening at the bottom.

Meanwhile, stick your dowel into your styrofoam ball. Once your horse head is sewn, turn it right side out. start adding filling until the horse is about 1/3 full, next add the ball stick combo, and then continue to fill it until it is 3″ from the bottom full. Now you will create a running stitch at the ‘neck.’ Once you have your stitch all the way around the bottom, pull it tight and tie off your string.

Trim up your hair on your horse, and then we’re onto making eyes. I have a boy horse and a girl horse, so I gave my girl horse Latisse inspired eyelashes. Stitch or glue on. For horse ears, create a triangle with a 2″ base. Sew them on the two sides that will face ‘up’. turn them right side out, hiding the seams. If desired, add a felt smaller triangle. Stitch or hot glue them where the horse ears ‘go.’ Last add: The Bridle. I just hot glued some 1/4″ ribbon on the horse and away we went.

Pro Tip: Gorilla Glue sticks. Worth it.

Lets say you made it this far and you’re thinking “NO WAY. Not doing it.” FINE. Here’s a no sew option for you.

If adults are racing your sticks, might I suggest you add an element to the race? Make them spin around in circles = to their age.

If it’s kids, I propose that you make the older kids give the younger kids an equal to their age amount of a head start.

Happy Racing!

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