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Sometimes, I have very bright ideas. One of my bright ideas of 2020, before the World shut down, was convincing Amelia to co-host our son’s birthday parties together.

Amelia was sure that we would be doing a Star Wars theme, because she had hit up a Party City that was closing and CLEANED THEM OUT of all of the Star Wars things.

We kept it simple and rented out a local Karate Studio which was, might I say, a stroke of GENIUS. The kids loved it.

From there, Amelia (literally) rented a UHAUL because she had made so many things that needed to be transported.

We kept the snacks simple as it was a 3 PM party- We served:

  • ‘Princess Lays’
  • BB8 Buddies
  • Wookie Cookies
  • Star Wars Cupcakes With chocolate molded Star Wars things

Will you just look at this Chewbacca Background? This is created with tablecloths cut in strips, a brown kraft roll of paper, and grey vinyl cut in rectangles.

We also had JEDI ROBES. We made these with a roll of burlap, cut into 48″ strips. We folded them in half, and cut the front so it could slide on. We added a waist tie made of jute.

Naturally, we had balloons galore- The marbled balloons were my favorite. Close Second: The Fun silver pointy orby things.

May the Fours Be With you, Even though these stinky boys have now turned 5.

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