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Hello, my name is Rebecca and I am a scarf addict. It legitimately all began with bandanas, and my love for all things fabric for my head is quite deep.

I honestly don’t know why everyone doesn’t tie things in their hair, they’re the perfect decoy for a less than stellar hair day OR when you just didn’t find the time to wash your hair. Keeping it real, folks… Keeping it real.

I’ve been working on hand stitching names on bandanas for a few weeks and I thought I would share what I’m doing- because this is the absolute best fabric to learn embroidery on AND because this is a great project for learning to stitch words or phrases.

To get started, grab yourself a pack of cotton bandanas. You’ll also need a small embroidery hoop, some embroidery needles (I like DMC 18/22) and thread.

If you’re nervous, get a pencil out and trace what you plan to write. My finding is that the best place to stitch on bandanas is on the opposing quarters which allows it to be hidden or shown when you’re wearing it.

I view bandana stitching as a wearable love letter, you can stitch names, or you can stitch sentiments, or you can stitch both. Because I love you, I’ve compiled a list of ideas.

  • Thank you for being a friend.
  • Nice Butt
  • You sparkle/twinkle/shine
  • You’re allowed to be loud
  • Hello Gorgeous

Make sure to use a small chain stitch, meaning that you want the stitches to be short- this is important because it will affect the cleanliness of the back. Below is the back on the one I’m recently working on.

Get your needles! Lets get stitching!

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