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Amelia, she’s going through a phase. Her entire mood in life is fueled by Lizzo songs.

Lizzo, whom I had literally never heard a song of until last week, has been one of those mainstream popular culture humans whom I really loved but honestly, I’m more of a Brandi Carlile fangirl and haven’t listened to pop music since approximately when Hootie and the Blowfish was pop-ular.

I can’t even with my puns today. They’re so bad they’re good.

Last week, I lost count after the second or third time Amelia called me during the workday and told me to have Google play a Lizzo song, so it was clear what should happen next.


To which, she quickly responded with : OKAY. And the idea was born.

  1. These are not edible eggs.
  2. I Strongly encourage you to ‘blow out’ your eggs anyways, because it’s a really weird thing to do AND because then you can get your craft on safely and you can go crazy, such as we have laid out below

How do you blow out Easter eggs, you say? GIRL it’s so easy.

Poke a hole at the top and bottom of the egg, make sure to break through the membrane when you do this, and then just blow the egg out by creating a seal and gently blowing.

THEN: The world is your oyster! You can really do anything you want now that you have these delightful little orbs as your canvas. You’re loving Lizzo? Make a Lizzo Egg. You’re really missing hearing Africa by Toto? MAKE SOME MUSICAL EGGS, pal!

But, while you’re here, and because over the last week I have grown to really love Lizzo, we have you covered with a playlist.

Tell us below, what musical Easter eggs are on your heart?

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