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One year, my generally irreverent family of origin called to invite me to Easter. While we aren’t the religious type, we are more than certainly the tradition type, especially as it pertains to meals. Easter is no exception, and each year we are called to sit around and enjoy swanky ham, overly cheesy Potatoes Au Gratin, a mystery green vegetable, Jello salad, and the worlds best carrot cake. I think there’s some Southern woman credo about how Carrot Cakes and Easter go hand in hand, and who am I to object for I am both Southern and a very big fan of Carrot cake.

On this particular year, my parents said ‘Invite your friends, Dinner is at 4’. As such, I invited a few friends and we traveled to the suburbs after our morning of cocktails in the park for Easter dinner where we were met with the most macabre easter sight I have ever personally witnessed. There, smack in the middle of the table sat a large sized rabbit constructed entirely of carrot cake and frosted in a thick cream cheese frosting to look as realistic as possible. We were, after a morning of drinking, expected to butcher this rabbit and not bat an eye at the peculiarity of the exercise.

Spoiler alert: we laughed so hard that the elusive bunny pan was donated immediately the following day.

The original recipe of this cake has been made by family since it came out in the 90’s. Over the years, I have made a few changes to the recipe and thus: I have perfected perfection.

There are a few things one must know about making carrot cakes: You either have to scrub the heck out of the carrots, OR, you have to peel them. Pick your poison and let’s get to it!

This cake isn’t technically difficult to make, but it is tedious. It’s got an extra step from the traditional cake, in that you’ll glaze your cake layers with a buttermilk esque caramel type sauce. This sauce is delicious. You’ll probably want to pour it all over your body- but try to refrain. In the original recipe, you simply cannot use all that the recipe yields on the layers of cake or you’d have a carrot cake mudslide. Use your best judgement and don’t go crazy.

When you’re boiling this sauce, might I suggest you pay attention to it? If you don’t, it might boil all over your stove. Trust me, I know from experience.

You’ll want to glaze these cakes while they’re still warm from the oven. Let me tell you, I am so excited for you! When you make this you’ll get to lick the spatula and honestly that treat is worth the work!

Last step is to frost the cake with cream cheese icing. There’s really no other option. If, like my husband, you say silly things like “I do not like cream cheese frosting”, try it in conjunction with this cake. If still you don’t like it, seek professional help.

I wasn’t in the mood to get my stand mixer out today, so I tested out the old hand mixer. I’m only telling you this because if you come to my house and notice that there is powdered sugar on the ceiling, mind your business. I was cooking with my 5 year old and things got a little bit wild.

Last step: sprinkle some coconut on the top of the cake.

Wait, just kidding, one more step….. Now you get to EAT IT!

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